Monday, May 22, 2017

UnitedHealthcare Opens New Health Benefits Store in Syracuse

At UnitedHealthcare, we’ve worked hard to embrace new technologies and innovations that make it easier for people to lead healthy lives.

We’ve introduced tools like Rally, which helps you set health and wellness goals and rewards you when you succeed. We’ve embraced the trend of Virtual Visits, giving people the choice to address minor health issues by simply logging online. And we’re constantly updating our Health4Me mobile app, which puts your personal information and policy coverage in one easy-to-use space.

Indeed, I’d be the first to agree that these mobile tools are the future of the healthcare industry. However, no matter how far technology takes us, there will always be something to be said about in-person, one-on-one conversations, especially for our most vulnerable health plan members.

That’s why – in addition to investing in our digital and online presence – we’re also continuing to have a presence in brick-and-mortar health benefits storefronts across the country.  We recently opened our newest store in downtown Syracuse, New York.

 With scissors (l to r, center), UnitedHealthcare Executive Director Rupert Brady, Senator David Valesky, UnitedHealthcare Sales and Marketing Manager, Camilo Barrera and Councilor Khalid Bey are joined by UnitedHealthcare Mascot, Dr. Health E. Hound and UnitedHealthcare employees
The health benefits center will provide beneficiaries of Medicaid, Medicare and Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans with support and information about their coverage options. Visitors will be able to meet with customer service professionals to discuss their health benefits in English and Spanish – and, if they’re ready to enroll in one of our plans, we’ll have licensed sales agents on site to help them through that process. Our staff can also help identify state and federal programs to address any social determinants affecting their health.

UnitedHealthcare was one of the first health plans to provide health care services in storefront settings in neighborhoods across the country.  In 1994, we opened our first New York store in Manhattan’s Chinatown district. Since then, we’ve opened more than a dozen stores across the state – in Copiague, Hempstead, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Newburgh, Buffalo, Yonkers, and now...Syracuse.

With the addition of our newest storefront office, we are transforming the way we work to become a true partner in the care of our Syracuse members – and I look forward to seeing how they live healthier lives as a result.
The Scott-Lane family greet UnitedHealthcare’s mascot, Dr. Health E. Hound outside of the UnitedHealthcare Health Benefits center at 610 S. Salina Street


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